How does it feel if you can earn money playing a game online?  The thing is still unknown to many that you can earn money if you are active in different games online. Many games are existing in online which are providing gift vouchers, cash, free buffet, free pass in living in the luxurious hotel and so on.

The new generation is obsessed with the computer. They make their PC the playground. Though parents don’t support these and consider gaming and passing the time on the computer is killing time. But you could turn your favorite things to the income source if you are smart enough. People nowadays have started to earn money from various weird sources. Not only that being smart, can you make a great use of your skill into anything.

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Nowadays games related to casino and slotting machine are getting popular due to their cash back and another offer. In some games, you can cash the money into real currency while some games offer you different coupon, gift vouchers which you can use in your real life. One of the most popular online such type of game is MyVegas. This game has to play from your Facebook ad Twitter account. It is any device like android, iPhone, desktop; windows supported game. You have to get free chips every day to log into the game every day, and then you will be able to continue the game. The more you play, the more chance is to get the loyalty points. And the more loyalty points you will get, the more you will be close to winning different gifts. There are many tips and tricks for increasing the loyalty points. You will get every information in about how to increase the free chips. Here I am sharing some of the techniques of playing MyVegas and earning gift vouchers:

Playing regularly:

You have to reach the certain level of the game to get the gift vouchers from the MGM companies (developer of the game). You can only reach the level if you play regularly. The benefit of playing regularly is you will get free chips every day after log into your game. The more day you play, the more amount of chips will increase. But if you somehow miss playing the game for one day. You will be in trouble and have to start getting the free chips from day one.

Signing up for the Facebook:

Despite downloading the app to your device, it is recommended to play the game logging in from the Facebook. Because if you play the game on the Facebook, you will get extra benefits. You will get 2000 extra chips every day by just logging in the game from the Facebook.

Adding friends:

You have to add friends to the game. Adding friends to the game from the knowing one might not help you much in playing this game. People who you know may not have an interest in this game. So you have to add friends who only have the interest in this game. And you can send your friend’s free chips so do your friends can. In this way, you will be able to increase free chips in MyVegas.